FanAI Fan Enrichment, Analytics, Segmentation and Targeting Cycle

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Identifying the Perfect Fan/Brand Relationship

How do we do that? Here are some of the main building blocks for that.


  • We¬†license fan data, both first party data owned by the rights holders, and data on the wider digital fan audience, as available on various social and streaming platforms as well as data repository services and payment data.


  • We then enrich data, analyze, segment, build brand-specific personas/archetypes, derive meaning and predict behavior.


  • We make this data actionable by providing “custom audience” type subsets of the data along with recommendations on how to engage the audience to reach certain objectives (content/call-to-action, delivery channel, timing).


  • A very important ingredient in this is our partnership with Payment Data Providers, which enables us to have detailed access to the spending behavior and spending prediction of all US households over 200 spending categories.


  • In the last step we measure results and we feed those results back into our AI engine to learn, fine tune, repeat.