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FanAI esports ecosystem


  • On which digital channels does my audience live? Where should I spend my marketing dollars and how?
  • How big is the deduped total esports audience on the East Coast?
  • What is the true size of the audience (uniques) across the main three streaming and social channels which is most likely to buy my brand in the next 30 days?
  • Which pro team or league should I sponsor with regards to my overall brand strategy?
  • What is the weighted social media value of pro player xyz vs. player abc?
  • Which brand/sponsor should I attract for my team/league/tournament given the brand affinity and demographic profile of my audience?
  • How many followers of NBA team abc are fans of Madden and vice versa?
  • In what key attributes do fans of tournament “TI7” differ from fans of “2017 League of Legends World Championship”?
  • What is the ROI or ROO of a direct marketing campaign on Twitch vs. across a combination of fan segments in various game titles?
  • Who are the most important influencers and streamers in MOBA games in the USA?