Software Engineer Distributed Systems PDF


FanAI is the leading eSports audience monetization platform. We are an AI based fan analytics startup.

FanAI enables Game Publishers, Event Organizers, eSports Teams, Leagues, Broadcasters, Agencies and Brands to understand, grow, predict and monetize fan audiences in eSports (through a proprietary SaaS platform). We are the only company that can combine purchase behavior, psychographic, social and demographic information to allow our partners to deliver the right message, at the right time, in the right place, creating a tailored, relevant and compelling fan experience.

Backed by some of the most influential global investors, FanAI is the market leader in eSports audience monetization. Our client roster is made up of market leading franchises and companies throughout the eSports ecosystem, in addition to some of the world’s largest agencies and brands. Our world-class team is passionate about transforming data into actionable information, using insight to unlock the revenue opportunity for eSports clients. Led by a team of industry leading executives and board advisors, who have experience working at some of the world’s largest data companies, including Facebook and Google, FanAI is positioned to transform the marketplace by unlocking the financial opportunity that lies within eSports.



  • The global eSports fan audience is a growing, powerful and disruptive force
  • The fan experience is what matters most. Protecting fans from “spam”, creating tailored experiences, and delivering relevant marketing messaging is our focus
  • eSports will realize its full potential when it attracts the world’s best brands and sponsors
  • We can drive the explosive growth in eSports, pushing it beyond the heights of all traditional sports combined



  • You LOVE data, you love coding, you love gaming and eSports
  • You’re proud of battle scars earned while building systems inside rapidly growing startups
  • Want to be part of the core team of a venture backed, extremely well-connected eSports start-up in Santa Monica

We provide a fast growing, fun and professional atmosphere. A place to express yourself and the opportunity to grow your professional career through working with some of the best developers on the planet leveraging the most advanced technology available.


  • Develop and maintain distributed systems based on service-oriented architecture and containers
  • Collaborate on design of system architecture
  • Work in a collaborative and team-driven Agile environment
  • Predominantly create new code (not maintain existing code)
  • Learn and grow


  • Must be hard working, team oriented, bright, creative, cooperative, and an exceptional problem solver. And nice. We only have nice people.
  • Experience with Python is a must (ideally Python 3.5+ with async/await)
  • Minimum 3+ years relevant experience
  • Solid understanding and working knowledge of modern operating systems, networking, and/or scalability techniques
  • Familiarity with distributed systems patterns and techniques (SOA preferred)
  • Understand the benefits of (and an eagerness to) follow style guides and best practices
  • Must be passionate about software development.  We like to regularly attend meetups, conferences, and be involved in developer communities.
  • Experience with cloud service providers (e.g., Google Cloud Platform, AWS)
  • Experience with Python web frameworks (e.g., Flask, Tornado, Falcon)
  • Experience working with distributed systems and service-oriented architecture
  • Experience working with Docker containers
  • Experience working in a collaborative and document-driven Agile environment
  • Excited to work in a tech startup environment
  • Familiarity with TDD/BDD and automated testing


  • Experience with asynchronous programming, preferably Python futures and coroutines
  • Experience with container orchestrators (e.g., Kubernetes)
  • Experience with NoSQL databases (e.g., Mongo, Cassandra)
  • Experience working with in-memory datastores (e.g., Redis, Memcached)
  • Knowledge/Experience working with message brokers (e.g., RabbitMQ)
  • Knowledge/Experience with big data tools (Spark, Hadoop, HBase)
  • Passion for the gaming/eSports community (being an active gamer, watching eSports events, knows the space)

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